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RAMIT vzw, a non-profit association, is a research platform established in 1992, with the support of the Ghent University. RAMIT’s main mission is performing and supporting International and National R&D in Medical Informatics and Telematics, nowadays called eHealth.

From 1992 until 1998, RAMIT was supporting CEN TC/215 (European Committee for Standardization, Technical Committee eHealth) with Prof. Dr. G. De Moor as founding chairman and funded by the E.C. (DG Enterprise and Industry). RAMIT has participated successfully, often in a co-ordinating capacity, in more than 80 R&D projects in both the framework of EU-Research Programmes (since the second EC Framework Programme, AIM) and national R&D Programmes (e.g. IBBT). RAMIT’s R&D activities resulted in the creation of spin-offs, scientific associations and a world-wide network.

RAMIT’s R&D projects are focusing on

  • Ontology, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Interoperability;
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR), Patient Health Records (PHR);
  • Quality Labeling and Certification of EHR (PHR) systems;
  • eLearning, eTesting & Computer Assisted Instruction;
  • Web-based Association Studies and Clinical Trials;
  • eHomeCare, Patient Tele-monitoring and Tele-medicine;
  • Data Protection, Privacy, Security, Authentication;
  • De-Identification, Pseudonymisation;
  • EHR for Clinical Research, secondary use of EHR;
  • Innovative business model for eHealth applications;
  • eHealth Standards, Archetypes;
  • Medical Statistics, Decision Support Systems.
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