Our history as a trustworthy quality partner

RAMIT is a not for profit association established in 1992, supported by the Ghent University, Belgium. RAMIT got the mandate of the EC to initiate  CEN TC/251 with Prof. Dr. G. De Moor as founding chairman. Its main mission is performing and supporting International and National R&D in Medical Informatics and Telematics. RAMIT has participated in more than 80 R&D projects, these R&D activities resulted in the creation of spin-offs, scientific associations and a worldwide network.
RAMIT is also a co-founder of
i-HD (The European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data) & EuroRec VZW.

Expertise since 1992

• Ontology, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Interoperability

• Electronic Health Records (EHR), Patient Health Records (PHR)

• Quality Labeling and Certification of EHR (PHR) systems

• eLearning, eTesting & Computer Assisted Instruction

• Web-based Association Studies and Clinical Trials

• eHomeCare, Patient Tele-monitoring and Tele-medicine

• Data Protection, Privacy, Security, Authentication

• De-Identification, Pseudonymisation

• EHR for Clinical Research, secondary use of EHR

• Innovative Business Model for eHealth applications

• eHealth Standards, Archetypes

• Medical Statistics, Decision Support Systems

• Web applications

• Health data